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The Training Centre for Forest Business is the unit of Agriculture University in Poznan with the headquarters in the Forest Experimental Station in Siemianice. The teaching offer of the Centre is directed to two groups of receivers – owners of economic entities offering services for forestry and workers directly performing works for forestry, i.e. employees of Forest Services Companies. Currently, the Centre offer has been broadened to training workers of State Forests, National Parks, landscapes companies, farmers, firefighters.


A 7-person programme council consisting of the representatives of Forest science and practice is watching over the training programme realized by the Centre. Around 3000 people have completed the training organized by the Centre – enterprenuers, foresters, private individuals, from which there was about 1500 owners and employees of forest enterprises in an organized project  between 2006-2008. Training within the confines of the project : “ The development of forest human resources of service enterprises- a necessity and a chance” co-financed by EFS has aroused a lot  of interest and the project ended with 100 % success.


In order to overcome the financial barrier as well as make the training more available for enterprenuers, Training Centre  started the realization of a following training project in November 2009 “ The development of human capital in forest companies”. The participants of the co-financed training will only pay 20% of the costs.   


We welcome to take part in the following training:


•    “Modern technologies of  timber harvesting” Course


•    Course for woodcutter - chainsaw operators


•    Course in tending interventions – early and late cleaning


•    “European Union donations for forest companies” course


•    Course for forwarder operators


•    Course for harvester operators


•    Training in forest entreprenuership

Training Centre for Forest Business

Project Office: 0048-061 848 77 63, 0048- 61 846 66 27
Head of Centre: Dariusz Rutkowski, mobile: +48 609 077 338
Head of Project: Paweł Oleszkiewicz, mobile: +48 695 778 118

e-mail: ckpl@up.poznan.pl, www.up.poznan.pl/ckpl/



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Projekt współfinansowany przez Unię Europejską w ramach Europejskiego Funduszu Społecznego www.efs.gov.pl