Pomerania project at CarboForest Conterence

On 21-23 September international CarboForest conference was held in Sękocin Stary. Leading subject of conference was carbon accumulation in forest ecosystems. Main organizer of an event was Forest Research Institute from Warsaw. During the first two days of conference scientists from 20 countries presented over 50 papers. Among scientists who made presentations were: Michael Köhl from Federal Research Centre for Forestry and Forest Products in Germany, Bengt Nihlgård from Lund University in Sweden, prof. Peter B. Reich from University of Minnesota in USA and Werner A. Kurz from Canadian Forest Service. Poland was represented by prof. Tomasz Zawiła-Niedźwiecki (Forest Research Institute in Warsaw), prof. Piotr Paschalis-Jakubowicz (Warsaw University of Life Sciences), prof. Jacek Oleksyn (Institute of Dendrology Polish Academy of Sciences in Kórnik), prof. Janusz Olejnik (Poznan University of Life Sciences), prof. Michał Zasada (Warsaw University of Life Sciences) and prof. Stanisław Małek (University of Agriculture in Krakow). At the end of conference participants could take part in two-day trip at the Bialowieza National Park.

One of main reasons, for which conference took place, was coming end of huge research project on carbon balance in Polish forests (planned end – December 2011). Prof. Tomasz Zawiła-Niedźwiecki (project coordinator) and dr Paweł Strzeliński (project director) described general assumptions and initial results of project. They also presented a few brand new geomatic technologies used in other projects concerning carbon balance and biomass estimation. It was among others: GPR technologies (Ground-Penetrating Radar) used for estimation of tree roots biomass, aerial laser scanning and high-resolution airborne photography (with Thermal Infrared band). These technologies are put into practice in Drawno Forest District within project: Development of trans-border decision support system for remote and model assessment of forest dendromass in Pomerania Region.

Presentation in pdf file: http://www.carboforest.eu/presentations/PDF/15-zawi142a-niedzwiecki-strzelinski.pdf
More information: http://www.carboforest.eu