Workshop with partners at Poznań University

On the occation of first available results regarding biomass estimation, a meeting between representatives of the leadpartner LFE and the polish colleauges from Poznań University took place at the forestry campus. After a warm welcome by Dr. Mariusz Bembenek, he gave a short introduction to the traditional location. The following official reception by the Dean of the Forestry Faculty, Prof. Dr. Roman Gornowicz as well as Dr. Roman Jaszczak, Head of the Department of Forest Management, affirms good contact between the project partners.

The technical context of the meeting on 7th march 2012 was the presentation of first thematic, remote sensing-based maps showing wooden biomass in the Pomerania region. Furthermore, special emphasis was put on administrative preparations concerning the exchange of national forest inventory (NFI) data of both countries. This aim is set to be achieved during the next partners meeting in April 2012 . Exchanging experiences in analysing satellite- and laserdata has also brought mutual benefits. As one impressive highlight of the day, a newly delivered terrestrial FARO laserscanner was demonstrated. Within just a few minutes, it created a 3D RGB image of the surrounding room. It is planned to apply this technology also during the international scientific camp “ForseenPOMERANIA 2012”. Finally, it was agreed to prepare and conduct some joint workshops at the camp. At the end of the day, the meeting was reviewed very positively by both partners.