Partners meeting in Sparow

The project partners already met for the third time from 25.04. to 26.04.2012. The venue this time was Gutshof Sparow in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The meeting was organized by Ms. Stampfer, Mr. Jütte, Mr. Treuheit and Mr. Cords from the Landesforstanstalt Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. After an introduction by Mr. Jütte and Mr. Kätzel (LFE) and the welcome of the members of Advisory Board the German partners presented their intermediate results.

In the afternoon a field trip took place. The District foresters of two areas (Forest District Retzow and Satow) presented the course of events and the consequences of the storm and hail that happened in June 2010. Further they discussed the following treatments of the areas and which problems they have to handle with. In parallel, the approach and results of remote sensing when analysing the damage were presented.








In the evening the partners concluded the day with a rich buffet, bowling and practices in the shooting cinema.

On Thursday the Polish partners presented the current state of work. Then the Polish and German Partners exchanged their Data and the following points of agenda were discussed:

  • Finding a date for the knowledge exchange in Poznań and Schwerin
  • Introduction of the International scientific camp for students in Drawno
  • Introduction of the International Biomass Conference in Poznań (autumn 2013)
  • Common publication of the intermediate results in e.g. AFZ der Wald and/or in a similar Polish magazine
  • Introduction of the method description with the example of applied methods for biomass estimation

Finally, every partner presented his following steps until the next meeting which will take place in November 2012 in Szczecin.