Closing event of ForseenPOMERANIA

Remote sensing is increasingly used for planning and realisation of sustainable landuse. It allows the gathering of information about vast areas in a comparatively short time, especially the biomass stored in forests. In the past three years, researchers from north-eastern Germany and north-western Poland tested and improved different remote sensing methods. The resulting information are now provided in a web-based Geoinformationsystem. The stated works within “ForseenPOMERANIA” are co-funded by the EU INTERREG Iva Program and will be finished in May 2014. On this occation, we warmly invite you to the closing event of the project on Thursday, the 8th may 2014 from 09:30 to 15:00 in the lecture hall of Eberswalde forestry state center of excellence (LFE). During this event, the essential results will be presented and put forward for discussion. We are looking forward to welcome you at Eberswalde.